Merit Badge College

January 4th - 15th

Learn from subject matter experts or lifelong hobbyists. Uncover difficult to find badges. Explore subjects outside of your comfort zone. Encounter over 20 virtual badges! Do all this and more at the 2021 Merit Badge College! 


  • November 15, 2020 at 9:00AM for Online Classes,
  • December 1, 2020 for In-Person

There will be both online and limited in-person options this year with our top-level instructors. Online classes will take place in the afternoon and evenings the week of 1/4/2021. In-person classes will take place Saturday 1/9/21 at RIC. (pending state and Rhode Island College restrictions)

Stay tuned for more!



Discover the many uses of electricity, including electromagnets, batteries, home lighting, motors, and more. Find out how to safely use electricity and avoid hazards. Get some hands on experience with some simple electric circuits and devices!

Join John Bewick January 4th

Digital Technology

Learn how digital information is stored and transmitted. Explore how digital technology has changed over the years. Investigate the practical aspects of digital technology and explore careers in the field.

Join Martin Gomm January 4th

Disabilities Awareness

Learn to understand and appreciate our differences! Explore the experiences of people with differing abilities and learn how providing accessibility can help improve fairness. Discover careers which support people with disabilities.

Join Paul Kelley January 4th

Citizenship in the Nation (Virtual)

Learn about the rights, duties, and obligations of United States citizens. Explore the history of our nation and keep up with current events. Understand the importance of our core documents. Examine how the branches of our federal government balance against each other.

Join Gary Grande January 4th


Become a detective who studies how people lived in the past to reveal the what, when, how and why of peoples daily lives. Using the clues that people left behind, understand how and why human culture has changed through time!

Join Mr. Scholl January 4th


Learn about the history and uses of fingerprinting! Learn to take a set of prints and explore identification methods and patterns.

Join Mr. Brady January 4th

Landscape Architecture (Virtual)

Consider the importance of utility and beauty in planning outdoor spaces! Explore how plants should be chosen and how paths and other spaces should be arranged to meet the intended use of the area. Investigate careers related to landscape architecture.

Join Scott Winkler January 5th


Learn to safely find and record geocaches. A geocache is a place you can find using a GPS unit. Discover places to log your find and sometimes leave or take a small trinket! It is a fun way to learn to navigate using GPS.

Join Carol Ann Williamson January 5th


Find out how trains are used to move freight and passengers. Learn about the history of railroading and it's importance. Understand the development and safety aspects of trains.

Join Warren Riccitelli January 5th

Traffic Safety

Learn the rules of the road and be safe as drivers, pedestrians, passengers, and cyclists! Understand the importance of being alert and unimpaired while driving. Investigate how to maintain an automobile and how it operates. Examine causes of accidents.

Join Mr. Fiorenzano January 5th

Crime Prevention

Raising awareness is the most important element for reducing crime in your area. Learn about other methods to keep your family safe and your community more secure. 

Join  Mr. Brady January 5th

Citizenship in the World

Explore what it means to be a member of the global community! Learn about international law and organizations such as the United Nations. Understand the relationships between nations and the role of the US State Department.

Join Patty Gomm January 6th

Citizenship in the World

Explore what it means to be a member of the global community! Learn about international law and organizations such as the United Nations. Understand the relationships between nations and the role of the US State Department

Join Tom Camera January 6th

American Labor

Learn about the rights of workers and the history and importance of labor relations and unions. Investigate topics such as hours of work, wages, and working conditions.

Join Paul Kelley January 6th


Develop your critical thinking and strategy skills! Learn the history of chess, and chess notation. Get familiar with the tactics, board, pieces, and moves. Then demonstrate your skills against opponents!

Join Bob Salvas January 6th


Learn about the world around you through the science of meteorology! Understand weather hazards, high and low pressure systems, the science of weather, and the water cycle. Explore climates and how humans alter their environment. Find out about careers related to weather.

Join T.J. Del Santo, meteorologist for WPRI-TV, January 6th


Learn about the history of health care. Understand the Hippocratic Oath, patient-provider relationships, primary care vs specialties, and the role of insurance. Investigate various careers in health care.

Join Donald Barnes January 6th

Emergency Prep

“Be Prepared” is the Scout motto. Become ready to face unexpected situations calmly and to think through your actions. Learn how to help yourself in emergency situations then how to give aid to others.

Join Stephen January 7th

Citizenship in the Community

Be active members of your local community. Learn about local government and do service work in your region. Research the history, culture, and demographics of your area.

Join Jim Cunha January 7th

Space Exploration

Reach for the stars! Learn about spacecraft and their history. Investigate the many aspects of venturing into space and consider how mankind might continue to explore the universe beyond our planet. Discover career opportunities related to space exploration.

Join Don Kern January 7th!

Truck Transportation

Keep on trucking! Learn about logistics and the process and importance of moving goods from one location to another. Understand safety through truck maintenance and driver’s logs. Explore career opportunities in the field of truck transportation.

Join Chris Maxwell January 7th!


Learn about the history of law and the difference between civil law and criminal law. Investigate the different areas of law and find out about careers which are related to legal matters.

Join Mr. McDonald January 7th!


Learn about oral, written, visual, and digital methods of sharing information. Share stories and information, participate in an interview, attend a public meeting, and plan an event. Explore careers in the field of communication.

Join Kevin Beagan January 7th!


Learn about the history of programming and programming languages. Explore the applications of programming and how to modify code. Investigate careers related to programming.

Join Jan Zukowski January 8th!


Chemistry is the solution to many problems! Learn about substances and how they interact. Understand lab safety and investigate by doing experiments. Learn about the  many careers in fields related to chemistry.

Join Dr. James Magyar January 8th!


Geology Rocks! Learn about these natural resources. Understand sedimentary processes, energy resources, mineral resources, and earth's history. Research career opportunities related to geology.

Join Gary Hemphill January 8th!







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