Virtual Scouting

Out of an abundance of caution schools are closing, meetings are being postponed, and families are spending time together at home. But that doesn't mean Scouting has to stop! Families are always encouraged to review the handbook with their Scout.

Click on the tabs below to discover great options for continuing your Scouting journey!

And stay tuned for more!

Scouting at Home Award

The Scouting at Home Award is a great new award based around all of our Virtual Scouting options. Take part in our weekly themed activities and meetings to earn it. You can start anytime! 


Week 2 Checklist: Helpful

A Scout is Helpful. A Scout cares so much about other people that it is enshrined in the motto: "Do a good turn daily." And, a Scout is ready to help because they are prepared!

Week 1 Checklist: Trustworthy

A Scout is Trustworthy. This means that a Scout is dependable. Scouts show that they are worthy of the trust of others.

Cub Scouts

Scouts should always live by the Scout Oath and Law even when they aren't at their meetings. There are many ways to continue your Cub Scout journey from home! Families are encouraged to review advancement and the Cub Scout Handbook together. We also have these great online videos and guides, with more being added all the time!

Yo-Yo Preview Adventure

This preview adventure gives Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts the opportunity to learn the concepts that make a yo-yo work and the basic physics of a pendulum.

So dig that yo-yo out of your drawer and give it a spin! 

Your feedback will help decide if this adventure makes it in the next handbook!

Super Science!

Richard and Jim from Adventure Base Camp are back with 4 great gravity experiments!

Germs Alive!

Richard and Jim from Adventure Base Camp tell us all about being clean and healthy.

See them demonstrate with experiments why it's important to have good health practices! 

Use these guides to challenge your Cubs!

Loyal Lion Challenges 

Terrific Tiger Challenges

Witty Wolf Challenges

Busy Bear Challenges

Wonderous Webelos Challenges

Virtual Pinewood Derbies

Chasity from Pack 7 Somerset has some great tips on setting you your Virtual Pinewood Derby!

Staying home often means more time on the computer. Check out the new Protect Yourself Rules Adventure. It has great videos and tips on speaking with Scouts about staying safe. It can be done in place of Cyber Chip or as an elective! (Be sure to take the survey and tell us what you think about this brand new adventure!)

Scouts BSA

Scouts should always live by the Scout Oath and Law even when they aren't at their meetings. There are many ways to continue your Scouting journey from home, including our new award! Be sure to check out the "Scouting at Home Award" tab.

Also, Merit Badge Counselors from across the region are coming together to provide online merit badge courses you can do from the comfort of your own home. If you're a Merit Badge Counselor and you're interested in hosting an online course, let us know!

Sign up early, because space is limited! Check back often for more opportunities!

Virtual Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. 

Join Bob DeFelice, the Council Training Chair, who has over 75 geocache finds across New England. This course takes place over two sessions on April 1st and April 8th.

Virtual Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge

Scouts learn to understand and appreciate our differences while working on this badge. They explore the experiences of people with differing abilities and how providing accessibility can help improve fairness.

Sher Ann Rossi is a long time Scouter, a professional Service Dog Trainer, and also a disabled person.  Join her on April 7th!

Virtual Traffic Safety Merit Badge

Staying safe in traffic wherever you live is necessary as more and more people take to the road. Traffic Safety merit badge will give Scouts some crucial tools to stay safer when driving a car on a highway, riding a bike across town, or jogging across a busy street.

John Gifford is a former Deputy Chief of Police in Westport and a Scoutmaster for over 10 years! Join him on April 9th and 11th!

Virtual Art Merit Badge

Art Merit Badge is a fun experience where Scouts will have the opportunity to explore the different methods in which an artist can create work. We’ll look at the creative thinking method art takes, and the wide variety of ways art is incorporated in the world. 

Ethan Bachand is an Eagle Scout from Troop 65, Trumbull and is on staff at Yawgoog Scout Reservation. He is an artist and passionate about sharing and teaching creatively. Join him on April 7th!

Virtual Communications Merit Badge

Being able to communicate effectively is often the key to success. Scouts will learn about oral, written, visual, and digital methods of sharing information. 

Matt Goudreau is a Northwest District Executive and Eagle Scout. He holds a Bachelor’s in Communications Studies from the University of Rhode Island. Join him on April 7th!

Virtual Nature Merit Badge

Nature is all around us! The Nature Merit Badge combines a Scouts desire to go outdoors with useful knowledge about plant life and animals. 

Patrick Dalton is Lodge Chief of the Order of The Arrow’s Tulpe Lodge. He is an Eagle Scout and the Nature Center Director at Yawgoog Scout Reservation. Join him on April 8th!

Virtual Programming Merit Badge

In this hands-on learning about the world of programming, Scouts will learn about the history, methods and careers of programming while having the opportunity to write their own program! 

Mark Timperley is Committee Member of Troop 2 East Greenwich and a Sr Software Engineer with Schneider Electric with over 20 years of experience. Join him on April 10th!

Virtual Scouting Heritage Merit Badge

Scouting has a rich history from its English origins to its development in America. Participants are asked to learn about the history of Scouting in their community and will give a presentation about their troop and personal background in Scouts. 

Chris Schuler is an Eagle Scout and former professional with the Narragansett Council. Join him on April 11th!

Virtual Pioneering Merit Badge

Pioneering is a fun outdoor activity that uses poles and ropes to create non-permanent structures.

For the online portion Scouts will cover first aid, rope materials and construction, knots lashings and splicing.

Join Mary Weston on April 13th!

Virtual Environmental Science Merit Badge

The environment is everywhere! In this merit badge Scouts will learn how their decisions and daily lives impact the environment and natural world around them. 

Josh Bautista is an eagle scout from Troop 31, New Milford. He worked at Yawgoog Scout Reservation for 6 years and has a bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences and Sustainability. Join him on April 14th!

Virtual Citizenship in the World Merit Badge

Through online discussion and projects focusing on topics like current world events, types of governments and rights, obligations and duties of citizens, Scouts will learn what it takes to be a good world citizen.

Ethan Bachand is an Eagle Scout from Troop 65, Trumbull and is on staff at Yawgoog Scout Reservation. As a Sophomore at The College of the Holy Cross, he is majoring in Political Science. Join him on April 14th!

Virtual Moviemaking Merit Badge

Moviemaking includes the fundamentals of producing motion pictures, including the use of effective light, accurate focus, careful composition (or arrangement), and appropriate camera movement to tell stories.

Lee Estes is an Eagle Scout from Troop 53 Mattapoisett and Program Specialist for the 1910 District. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Umass. Join him on April 15th!

Virtual Mammal Study Merit Badge

Scouts will learn the characteristics that distinguish mammals from other animals, practices used by biologists to study them, and techniques to observe and record them in their natural habitats.

Kevin Thompson is the Camp Norse Camp Director and holds a degree in Environmental Science. Join him on April 17th!

First Aid:

Richard and Jim go over some of the first aid requirements for Tenderfoot and Second Class. These are great tips for everyone!

There are some great resources at to help Scouts prepare at home. Check out these Campcraft Skill Videos!

Did you know that many merit badges can be started at home? Be resourceful and see which requirement you can get started on!

Resources for All Ages

Scouting can take place anywhere!

Here you will find a resource hub for Scouts, leaders, and parents from across the web to help support Scouting at home. We will continue to update this page with kid friendly content that helps connect Scouting with their daily lives.

Special Edition

Make sure to check out the JOTI this weekend, April 3-5, to connect with Scouts around the world from the comfort of your own home!

Boys' Life is currently offering an entire year of Boys' Life FOR FREE! Just follow this link to download their app!

Check out these fun home projects from Bryan on Scouting!

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management released this list of 50 Nature-Based Activities For Rhode Islanders.

Go on Virtual Field Trips around the world!

Leaders and Parents

Being a leader isn't easy in the best of times. But when we arrive at an obstacle we look to our leaders for continuity. We'll be collecting tips and advice here to help you make Scouting Thrive!

We have a great team that's helping host online Merit Badges. But there's always room for more! If you're a Merit Badge Counselor and you're interested in hosting an online course, let us know!

Virtual Scouting shouldn't be limited to Scouts and their Families, whole units can get involved. Troop 98 from the Cradle of Liberty Council hosted their entire meeting online! They were thoughtful enough to share some tips. Also, has great instructions and resources for how to meet when you can't be in the same room Also check out their great article on how to Work on Merit Badges While Home!

Meeting materials should remain as relevant as possible. With so many families staying home the SCOUT Strong program can be a great tool to help remind Scouts that physical fitness is one of the core parts of our program and that it isn't limited to physical activity. Eating right is just as important!

Troop leaders should still check out to see what can be shared and practiced home or outside of a meeting place, like these campcraft skill videos! And, Den Leaders can check out the options on's new Den Leader Experience! There are lots of training videos, walkthroughs, and checklists available to simplify your job. 

Importantly, for leaders at all levels, the BSA has released these Questions and Answers about Covid-19 Advancement Related Issuses.


Because Scouting never stops, there will be a special edition of the Jaboree-On-The-Air/Jamboree-On-The-Internet. or JOTA. This special edition will help bring Scouting to the homes of Scouts around the world!

And, of course, check out our other tabs for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA materials available there!

Virtual Pinewood Derbies

Chasity from Pack 7 Somerset has some great tips on setting you your Virtual Pinewood Derby!












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