Lion Scouts

Have Fun, Make Friends, See New Things.

As a Lion, your kindergartner will make friends, laugh loud, gain confidence, discover nature, and most of all…have fun! He’ll experience the Scouting concepts of character development, leadership, citizenship, and personal fitness through engaging and exciting adventures!! Your kindergartner will have a blast exploring the world around him in ways that fuel his imagination and creativity. Together, you’ll take his first steps down the path to success. Adventure awaits. 
Narragansett Council has been participating in the Lion Pilot program since Fall 2016. The Kindergarten class of 2016/2017 have not only graduated from Kindergarten they have moved up to Tigers!
In this second year of the Lion Pilot there have been changes made based on feedback. They are as follows:
Pack meetings and activitiesNow Lion families may individually decide to participate in more (than the 2-3 required meetings) as desired.  Packs should look for ways to actively involve the Lions and include them in program, skits, etc.  Lions want more Pack involvement.

Pinewood DerbyThis is now a Pack decision, it can be open to Lions if the Pack chooses. Three options are recommended.

   1) Integrate Lions into Pack with Cub Scouts as Pack decides.
   2) Use the wedge car from the Scout Shop to eliminate cutting.
   3) Have Lions do a Veggie Car Derby—information on website.

FundraisingThis is now a family option. Fundraising and mandatory levels are not required. Some parents do want to have the individual option to fund-raise. If popcorn is sold by Lions then Show and Sell with older youth and parents would be the preference, door to door selling needs the parents at the Lions’ side. Spring Fundraising is the better selection.  

Camping (not a change but clarification)- Lion dens should not participate in overnight Den specific camping but Pack and Family camping are OK.  Day camp and activities such as shooting sports are reserved for the older Cub Scouts.  Keep the Lion dens focused on their exciting (and age-appropriate) adventures and fun family outings. Family camping with the Pack is totally welcome and encouraged!
For complete information on the Lion program visit the Lions - Scouting for kindergartners web site.



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